Willow Grading

  • Grade One

    There may be some red wood evident on the edge of the blade. The grain on the face will be straight with a minimum of 6 grains visible. There may be an odd small knot or speck in the edge or back but the playing area should be relatively clean.

  • Grade Two

    There may be a larger amount of red wood to be seen on the edge of the wood, this has no effect on the performance of the bat - it is purely cosmetic. There will be a minimum of 6 grains on the face of the blade and may even contain some blemishes, pin knots or speck visible. Top grade butterfly willow is also grade two.

  • Grade Three

    Grade three is produced in much higher numbers and offers very good value for money. The blade may have up to half red wood on the blade. There will be a minimum of 5 grains on the playing surface and may deviate. The playing surface may contain small knots, butterfly stain and may have more prominent specks.

  • Grade Four

    Grade four blades can be over half red wood or contain butterfly stain. Any number of grains are possible, often only 4 grains are visible. The grains will deviate and they will contain more visual imperfections and other faults.